Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Donation from REAP South Missionary Organisation

In the last few days of December, The Colour of Hope received a kind donation of blankets for young children and babies from American Missionary Organisation, REAP South. Although we don't work directly with these age groups, we always try to find good homes for any donations and in fact some of the young people we work with have babies and children.

We've handed out at least 11 blankets so far to single mothers and women living in conditions of extreme poverty all across Lima. Natali, one of our project participants, took a couple for her young son and some for her sister and sister in law who also have little toddlers. They all live in a shanty town called Canto Grande in the district of San Juan de Lurigancho. Another couple went to a lady in Villa El Salvador, another extremely poor area of Lima, and another is going to a young girl in Manchay, a shanty town in southern Lima.

We only have a few left now, but if anyone knows of someone in Lima who would need a blanket please let us know. There were all kinds of sizes, colours and patterns, but the ones we have left are mainly for toddlers, although I think there are a couple of tiny ones still. If we don't find anyone else to give the blankets to, I will take them to
Reina de la Paz, a refuge for young single mothers in Salamanca.

Thank you very much REAP South!

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Anonymous said...

Hola Amy me parece estupenda la ayuda que estás recibiendo para tu obra de bien social, a la vez permíteme saludar tu gran corazón de entregar algunas de tus donaciones en la misma calidad de donación para otras entidades de caridad que también puedan necesitarlas. Mucha suerte y felicitaciones.