Monday, 17 March 2008

The Colour of Hope receives another round of donations thanks to American Expats

We’ve had plenty more donations these last couple of weeks. Karie, from the USA, has given us a whole truck full of household items, some of which have helped to furnish our training centre, and others which will slowly be distributed amongst the project participants.

One of the beds will be going to Angelica and her family, who currently share a single bed between two adults and two children (see picture). Another will go to Abraham, along with a chest of drawers, when he leaves care in a couple of weeks.

Jason, also from the USA, has now not only donated us a computer, but also 3 bags full of office supplies and equipment! These will come very much in handy for the next few groups of young people.

Thank you Jason and Karie for your immense generosity and ongoing support.

We constantly need the following
items for the young people's accommodation and our microfinance projects, so if anyone else can help, please get in touch:

* Computers (computadoras)
* Printer (impresora)
* Projector (retro/multi proyector)
* Beds & bedding (colchones, tarimas, frazadas, sábanas, almohadas etc.)
* Clothes for young people (ropa para jóvenes)
* Kitchen appliances & utensils (electrodomésticos, loza, vajilla etc.)
* Any items that would be useful to young people setting up small businesses, e.g. electrical equipment, counters, shelving, tools, tills etc.

Thank you very much for your support.

Amy New, The Colour of Hope Director, 90336722,

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