Friday, 27 June 2008

Trip to the Cinema

Yesterday was Bilela's birthday, so we celebrated in the usual style with a cake and a few party games for Angelica's son José's benefit, whose 7th birthday is this Tuesday.

But it was afterwards that the real fun started - thanks to some funds that volunteer, Will Gale from the UK, had raised for us before he came to Peru, we were able to take all the young people to the cinema. This is something they are hardly ever able to do, apart from perhaps a one-off outing with the care home during their stay.

All of our current three groups of young people have now finished their training (apart from the third group who are starting a couple of weeks of maths lessons), so the outing was a fun climax to end their training phase.

Everyone had a great time, especially José because it was the first time he had been to the
cinema. A big thank you goes to Will Gale for helping make this treat possible.

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