Thursday, 15 January 2009

Work for 5 disadvantaged young people

To all our Peru-based supporters:

5 of our young people are now at the stage of looking for work. One of them (Trinidad) is about to confirm a computer apprenticeship, but the other 4 haven't managed to find anything yet. All of them are from orphanages and have have tragic life stories, previously suffering from extreme poverty, sexual abuse, living on the streets etc. But they're all are keen to put their suffering behind them and start building a positive future. The Colour of Hope is supporting them at this crucial stage because life as a young person in Peru isn't easy, and is far harder without the family support and love that we all need.

If you can help one or more of these five young people, or know someone who can we'd be very grateful. Perhaps you know a business with staff vacancies, or maybe you could put a word in at the shops/businesses you use to see if they'd be willing to take on another worker/apprentice.

Here are some brief details of the young people and I can send CV's if necessary:

Bilela (19 years) is skilled at cake-making and cake-decorating. She's looking for work in a Pastelería/Panadería (cake shop/bakery). She lives in Pachacamac, so would be able to work in La Molina, Lurin, Pachacamac, Cieneguilla type area. It would be her first job, so she would probably start off as an apprentice and do "practicas" (perhaps in exchange for her bus fares and food).

José Luís (18 years) has studied Panadería (bakery) at ProJoven and is also looking for work in a bakery. He will be living in Pueblo Libre when he leaves care, so could work anywhere near there (Pueblo Libre, San Miguel, Magdalena, Cercado de Lima, Breña, Jesus Maria, San Isidro, Miraflores etc.). It would also be his first job, so he could start of with "practicas".

Katherine (18 years) is very skilled at most types of sales work. She's also very creative and has taken a course in "Manualidades" (Handicrafts). She will be living in Central Lima when she leaves care so, like José Luís, could work anywhere central (Pueblo Libre, San Miguel, Magdalena, Cercado de Lima, Breña, Jesus María, Miraflores, San Isidro etc.) She has had several jobs and also been self-employed, selling a variety of products. She is a single mother, but her son is now 2 and will be looked after by his grandmother while Katherine is at work.

Tany (18 years) is one of our most intelligent project participants. She has a good understanding of small business administration and management and is trained in Corte y Confección (dressmaking). She'd like to find work in this field, but is happy to do something else in the meantime. She has experience as a waitress and kitchen helper. She lives in Huaycan, but is happy to travel to wherever the work is located. She's a single mother of a 2-year-old, but she can leave her daughter at the nursery while she goes to work.

José Luis and Trinidad don't have any family or anywhere to go when they leave care so The Colour of Hope will help them to rent shared accommodation. They'll need a few basic household goods such as a small stove and gas bottle, kitchen items, bedding etc. If you have any items you no longer use or need, please get in touch because it will be a great help to these two young people.

Please contact me on 990336722 or at Thank you all so much for your ongoing support.

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