Friday, 1 May 2009

Keiko Fujimori would take 25% of the vote in the 2011 election

Keiko Fujimori is the most popular presidential candidate in Peru, according to a poll by Ipsos, Apoyo, Opinión y Mercado published in El Comercio. 25% of respondents would vote for the daughter of former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori in the 2011 election, up eight points since August:

The recent conviction and sentencing of Keiko's 70-year-old father, Alberto Fujimori, for 1990s death squad killings and forced disappearances have thrust Keiko into the spotlight.

"I think this very harsh verdict will be a boomerang," said Keiko. "If they thought they would defeat Fujimorism with this, they're all wrong." Immediately after the verdict, she called it "vengeful" and predicted public outrage would propel her to Peru's presidency. If elected, she has said she would pardon her father.

Keiko said she has collected the signatures of 700,000 people who back her father and has set a goal of obtaining 1 million. She told reporters that she plans "a great crusade to clear the name of Alberto Fujimori. We want to go to the most remote villages, above all those that suffered the scourge of terrorism and let it be known how unjust this verdict is."

Although she is the most popular presidential candidate for the 2011 election, many analysts say her appeal is limited. Investigative journalist, Gustavo Gorriti, who was abducted in 1992 for criticizing Fujimori's shuttering of the opposition-led Congress and courts, stated that Keiko's candidacy is "essentially single-issue: Fujimori's freedom."

Watch this short clip of Keiko and Fujimori propaganda, just a taster of the huge red writing scrawled on every spare wall-space along the Southern Panamerican Highway:

Source: Ipsos, Apoyo, Opinión y Mercado / El Comercio
Methodology: Interviews with 1,000 Peruvian adults, conducted from Apr. 15 to Apr. 17, 2009. Margin of error is 3 per cent.

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